Our Brand is Built on Years of Happy Clients
We have evolved over the years and so has our logo. We like to call it an i.dentity e.volution. Founded in New York City almost 30 years ago, our rural New Jersey studio combines big city talent with small town warmth and serves clients located pretty much anywhere.

Our annual promo is always grounded in our identity but it’s fun to push limits and reinvent ourselves each year. The best part is hearing what our clients have to say.

Founder, i.e. design, inc.

I love how you do stuff. I’m finding that these types of messages are really transforming relationships with people. They are just dreamy.

Founder, BPP Wealth Solutions LLC

I see a lot of this special quality in your work. It’s not just about being intentional. You always bring in an element of surprise and delight.

Founder, Sculpt

Your approach works so well because it is really personal and equally professional.

Founder, Ann Sullivan Organizing

You truly understand the unique positioning of a prospective client and are able to tell their story exactly as it should be told.

Principal, Varident LLC

Beth is quite frankly one of the most talented designers that I have ever had the privilege to work with. She always has a special way of making everything she touches turn to gold!

President, ENV